Dancer in the Dark

When you turn out the lights to dream of far away places, when all is darkness and stillness, what is it that runs through your mind? Believe it or not, there‘s something very visceral to the dreamscapes that we produce when eyes are shut and all is quiet. When everything is still, we have the ability to imagine and create beauty that we never even imagined possible. We can escape or stay in one place. What is reality is that we are no longer the same once the dream takes over our minds.

One of the most brilliant films to ever give credence to the palpability of dreaming came in the form of a gritty fairytale about a young factory worker attempting to save enough money to get her son the surgery he would need to keep from going blind. The funniest thing: it’s the blindness that allows her to see the true elegance of the living circus.

Dancer in the Dark was Björk’s film debut and also served as the platform to the next level of her creative grace from the industrial kaleidoscope that was Homogenic — but more about that later.

Originally wrote this for RacsO Ledger. He’s a sweet guy with a great eye for film. Love him to death 🙂


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