Bienvenue sur Le Planète Sauvage

Horror, as defined in the dictionary, is something that inspires dislike or intense aversion. However, my favourite definition deals with the most viral part of human nature: fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of shadows that move in the corner of your eye. But the fear that captures us all, that unites freaks and fanatics alike, is the fear of being insignificant.

Christians and atheists, pirates and paedophiles, they all fear being completely invisible. No matter who you are, there is an inexplicable creep that slithers through the skin and the psyche at the very thought of being relegated to the significance of a thing. We are all intrinsically tattooed with the primeval fear that as a human we are nothing more than toys, stray puppies without leashes, starving without mothers. Le Planète Sauvage explores and exposes the human psyche and fear of being a wild thing that must be controlled by an electronic collar.

If you dig this sample, click on over to The Deadilicious Site where I had it published originally. Pretty rad site for any and everything cutting edge (well, in my humble opinion, anyway).


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