Cinema Art: The Film Tapestry of Guillermo del Toro

Whilst listening to the ethereal voice of Björk, it occurred to me that those maestros of their craft have secured their indelible placements atop the rabble by finding the perfect balance of art, audacity, and genius. It is this balance that many have failed to attain in a desperate attempt to simply be taken seriously. Björk, along with a select class of musicians, artists, and filmmakers, has gone beyond the need to be validated in her aims. She has managed to seek the respect of the very gods and muses that created the lens through which humanity seeks to view the complexity of their lives.

In like fashion, Guillermo del Toro has managed to step beyond the scope of what is profitable and given voice and shape to the intangibly abstract idea of beauty. Though aesthetics seem to govern the manner in which we as humans gauge the truly magnificent, del Toro has, in as few as 20 years, given the seemingly magnificent a touch of pure beauty.

Del Toro’s kaleidoscope of colour and shade have shaken the mainstream film industry, so much so that the resulting images are nothing short of psychedelic palindromes –as gorgeous and frightening from the beginning as they are at the end. It’s one thing to sing the praises of a genius, it’s quite another to dare to delve deeper into his work to puzzle out the seemingly unbelievable and find that beauty of this magnitude is certainly accessible through the eyes of mere mortals.

This, my dear hearts, is what I will attempt to do right now.

If you enjoyed the peep show, then check out the entire piece over at CinemaScope. This is the first piece I wrote for the site. Enjoy 🙂


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