Lewis Taylor

One of the world’s most obscure artists may very well be its best, and we have lost him forever. He’s made it quite apparent that he has no desire to return to the music industry. Of whom do I speak?

Lewis Taylor, 2006

Lewis Taylor is by far and away one of the most inspiring, genre-bending artists of our day and age. His music has spanned over 20 years and we, being the careless music listeners that we are, have let his gift roll on by. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have his loyal fan base –all cult figures do. The saddest part of this story, however, is the fact that even when the States did momentarily noticed him as a buzzworthy artist, he was already so disillusioned with the mainstream music industry at about 40 years old he effectively said, “Fuck it!”

Now, I say “about 40 years old”. Not much is known about this man because, being the G that he is, he has been able to keep his private life and anything concerning his past out of the public eye –not that that really makes much of a difference considering that even in his home country of England he was pretty much a nameless artist. But, for the sake of trying my best to introduce America yet again to its inherent stupidity, I will attempt to muster up some sort of biographical information.


11 thoughts on “Lewis Taylor

  1. andrew

    came across your page following my usual trowelling for any slight hint of a return of the amazing tallent Lewis Taylor
    can only agree with much satisfaction on your summary of his music
    his decision to withdraw from the industry is sad
    for something different but just as brilliant, may I suggest Sigur Rós – Ágætis Byrjun
    happy times

    1. Yvning Post author

      Hi there, Andrew. It’s always good to find a fellow Taylor-ite! We’re such a rare breed. I’ve heard of Sigur Rós (by way of Bjork), but haven’t given myself the opportunity to check them out. Per your suggestion, I’ll just have to get on it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    2. Yvning Post author

      Also, just in case you were curious, I’ve also written a review of Lewis Taylor, his first album. What’re your favourite songs from that album? Kinda hard for me to pick a fave, but I’d have to say “Bittersweet”, “Track”, “Damn”, “Spirit” and “Waves” (from the Japanese release).

      Let me know if you find any more info on his whereabouts 🙂

  2. C Marble

    I too just came your site in search anything L.Taylor. This dudes music is as real as it comes. I often play “Betterlove” for friends and dare them to say Anthony Hamilton’s remake is better.

    Like you I’m glad to see I am not alone in wishing he would release some of the material he has done over the years. A person with so much soul cannot simply just stop making music,maybe just releasing it.

    1. Yvning Post author

      I didn’t realise that Anthony Hamilton remade “Betterlove”. I’ll have to check it out, but I’m sure it’s nothing even close to comparable to Lewis’s original. In much the same way that Robbie Williams’ blasphemous take on “Lovelight” just doesn’t cut it.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to have so many Lewis Taylor fans in the world!

      1. 1D

        Lewis Taylor & Remy Shand… two blue eyed soul artist who didn’t get the respect they deserved…

        Spirit is my favourite… I have yet to hear a more haunting and sweeping acapella than spirit, he sure knows how to tie emotional knots. “Song” is a masterpiece, the most gut wrenching climax anyone will ever hear in a song. I didn’t realise how good the song was until a couple of berkley music students covered it for their final performance, you really need to listen to it a few times to get it, but once you do, ka pow! knocks you off your feet… It’s amazing how fresh the whole album still sounds today, he was and still is ahead of his time. Some one should make a docu and try a locate the guy!!!

        Btw have you heard of Lewis’s version of electric ladyland by jimi hendrix? Best cover by a mile.

        Remy Shand from what I can dig up was involved in a messy divorce… and it basically took him away from the music as well… This is another Cat who could sing, arrange, compose, write, and play all instruments but get no recognition… dang! yet beiber has the record for most watch clip on youtube?!?!

        Another artist, and I pray who won’t go down the same route as the 2 aforementioned artist is Van Hunt, at least he still has youtube videos and at least he is still writing songs. Check out the acoustic version of “character”.

      2. Yvning Post author

        I’m a huge fan of Van Hunt. “Down Here in Hell with You”? Unbelievable tune. Remy Shand…takes me a little while to get into him, but there’s no doubt that he’s a brilliant artist.

        One thing I have to implore is that there’s no mention of Beiber or any other entertainer like that on this site, especially in comparison to those artists who we love. It cheapens their greatness while just appearing spiteful and childish.

        In any event, thanks for reading and I appreciate your input 🙂

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  4. Wally

    Lewis has not retired completely 100%. He played bass live with Gnarls Barkley and Mark Ronson or so I heard.


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