From the musical expansion of the 90s that saw such brilliance as The Brand New Heavies, A Tribe Called Quest, and Incognito came a band as much inspired by the Rare Grooves of the 90s club scenes of London as the jazz of Roy Ayers: Jamiroquai. Along with a handful of others (such as the Brand New Heavies), Jamiroquai started up with indie label, Acid Jazz, to commandeer the world of music and steer it in a new direction.

Jamiroquai (l to r: Derrick McKenzie, drums; Stuart Zender, bass; Wallis Buchanan, didgeridoo; Toby Smith, keys; Jay Kay, vocals)

Jay Kay’s story isn’t nearly as interesting as his unparalleled musical genius. To some it may seem a stretch, particularly those who only know Jamiroquai from its most internationally successful endeavour, Travelling Without Moving, which produced the musically kaleidoscopic “Virtual Insanity”, or from the iconic dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite, in which “Canned Heat” thumps in the background.

However, the truth is Jamiroquai’s humble origins as a quintet (Jay on vocals and overall arrangement, Stuart Zender on bass, Toby Smith on keys, original drummer Nick van Gelder, and sometimes didgeridoo player and all around hype man, Wallis Buchanan) is a journey too elegant for words.


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