Souldebut: Lewis Taylor

I’m gonna be honest with my congregation. When it comes to the vocal stylings of so-called “blue eyed soul” singers, I’m neither impressed, nor am I convinced that there’s anything authentic about the whole “I’m a White boy who can sing” gimmick. However, in 2005, I became privy to a sound that both astounded and excited me.

Mr. Lewis Taylor had a delivery that was rich, unassuming, and completely cerebral. I just had to get my hands on it, had to pinpoint exactly where it was in my body that I’d been so moved. Of course, if one intends to discover the basis of an emotion, she may as well start at the beginning.

Hence Lewis Taylor.

After a brief stint going as alter ego Captain Jack, in 1996 Lewis Taylor decided it was time to venture into a new realm of psychedelic flavoured soul. His debut album saw some inspired musicianship and unapologetic lyricism that was sorely missing in music. From the beginning of the album listeners are transported into a world soaked in mysticism and twisted into a web of sexual and emotional frustration.


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