Classical Gives Way To Contemporary

It’s not every day that I get to rekindle old relationships. About a month ago I was given the great fortune of getting in contact with an old friend from my childhood whom I always knew had an ear for music unlike anyone I’d ever met. He’s managed to not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

Jake Runestad is a humble Midwestern boy from my part of the world. In fact, we lived next door to each other and on week-ends (read: days when I didn’t feel like doing my homework), The Prince and I would walk over to his house and chill with Jake and his sister. While doing absolutely nothing for any amount of time, Jake would give us a thrill with his skills on the keys. Indeed, he had something of a makeshift studio in his room complete with keyboard, microphone with stand, and mini-amps all lodged in one corner of his smallish bedroom. It didn’t surprise me, then, when I found out that the silly boy I lived next door to had made a name for himself as a composer.

Jake’s most recent offering to the world of classical music, As Rain to the Sea, combines the best of everything that’s so splendid about classical music with the grandiosity of contemporary pop. Indeed, As Rain to the Sea has managed to marry the best of both worlds: the tradition and elegance of classical composition with the polish and relevance of a pop studio offering. It’s his attention to detail and the excitement with which he approaches sound that’s utterly inspiring. With everything becoming an ever duller shade of technological, Jake still understands the necessity of getting close to the music. His personality is one of subtle excitement –an exuberance that’s nestling just below the surface until the point of explosion.


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