Such a Funny, Funny Way

In a way, we are all dancers — collecting music in a way that allows us to ponder pure movement. Without knowing it, we are a bundle of nerves that express energy in much the same way. Whether walking or practicing a pirouette, we know how to dance. It’s with this gift of unbridled passion that we have musicians that dedicate their souls to finding the mechanical emotion within the human ballet.

In walks Mario Spinetti.

It’s no wonder that this elegant prince of a man would become the pied piper for contemporary dancers. In the wake of his musicality, dancers follow hoping to feel a fraction of the sunlight and stardust that pours from his lips. It’s also no wonder that a man of such vocal vision hails from New York. But, with the range and maturity of forward thought, one would mistake Spinetti for a space oddity. Indeed, he has a bit of the madness of Ziggy Stardust in his voice, but has the purity of Jeff Buckley in his delivery.


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