The Art of Sy Smith

There’s a large contingent of people under the impression that “real” music died after 1996. However, music is an entity that never truly disappears. It may hide; it may re-invent itself. But, never does it fully find itself buried under six feet of dirt and filth. The radio would have you believe that there’s very little to grasp onto in the way of hope for the musical direction of our future.

Indeed, the mainstream public has made it clear that art is not only undervalued, but something that it feels it can do without (see the disappearance of virtually every art program in public schools). But, if one looks beneath the proverbial surface, she’ll find that there’s a world that’s as creative and as heavenly as anything preceding the new millennium.

Sy Smith and Sunset Junction 2007

One such artist making waves no matter where she steps is Sy Smith. Her music is enigmatic, expressive, and open. It’s the kind of music that can be found at the Blue Note in New York or Club 49 in London’s Soho. She’s got the voice of an angel — simple, unfiltered, and elegant. While not a powerhouse vocalist –the likes of Ledisi or Jill Scott– she has a style that’s undeniably gorgeous. With her influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Minnie Riperton, it’s understandable that she’d have a range that fits into any groove quite easily.


6 thoughts on “The Art of Sy Smith

  1. Sarah van Beek

    Loves it! Sy is such a fantastic artist you have said it all she is shining right now x 🙂

      1. Yvning Post author

        Well, thank you. You’re too kind and, again, thanks for the read (and the Like, and the Add…HaHa). Come back again if you like! The more the merrier!!! 😀

    1. Yvning Post author

      What other artists are you into? Maybe I can cover them here. Hey, I’m always up for learning about new artists and if you like Sy, you probably know some people I’m missing out on. Let me know! 🙂


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