The Boondocks

Somebody had to do it. Somebody had to take the bullshit and excuses of an entire faction of humanity and make it shine bright. Aaron McGruder decided he was just the man for the job. With his racially relevant and socially unforgiving comic strip, The Boondocks, he started a conversation that just had to find itself on television sooner or later.

And with that, the entire world stood up and took notice. Not only was the show unapologetic, it was brutally raw, honest, and funny as hell. It’s a shame that so many people failed to see the show’s inherent brilliance. But then, of course, that’s why I’m here. I can’t pretend to know every single line of every single episode. What I do know is that the episodes that I saw were probably some of the most hilarious, most severe representations of the Black community that I’d ever come across.


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