Angela Bassett

Hello, lovers and dreamers. This month’s list pertains to some of the most gorgeous, inspiring, the sexiest, and the most luscious ladies ever captured on film. A traditional countdown would be almost impossible for me (considering how difficult the men’s side of the spectrum was, I decided to relieve some of the pressure). Instead, we’re going to take a peek at some of the most noteworthy women in Hollywood (and beyond its scope).

Hey, if we’re going to start, we may as well start at the top. Mrs. Bassett is, quite frankly, a goddess. She has the air of a woman who rules any domain as well as she rules her own. She’s a powerful, dynamic, and downright sexy specimen of human makeup.

The Goddess

Born in none other than New York City, Bassett was destined for greatness. At the behest of a high school teacher, she applied and was accepted to Yale University with a scholarship. She would spend seven years at the prestigious Ivy League school — including three post-grad years studying drama. From the moment she stepped into the highlights, she was a star.


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