Dorothy Dandridge

Film has that uncanny ability to peel back its layers and reveal something truly magnificent. Most notably, these moments of elegance come in the form of the players of the craft. In the 50s, there was suddenly a deluge of Hollywood starlets with the faces and bodies that defined the glamour inherent in the beast — complete with evergreen beauty and darker demons than most wanted to fathom. These were the creatures of gossamer and everlasting youth that never faltered, even in their weakest moments.

In particular, there were two stars that shone brighter than most in that era of pinups and pretty girls. The ever gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. Then, of course, there’s Dorothy Dandridge. She had a spark that could combust an entire factory of dynamite, not to mention she had the face of an angel — prompting her manager (and supposed unrequited love interest), Earl Mills to give her the moniker “Angel Face”.


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