Penélope Cruz

On the long list of gorgeous Latinas and Hispanicas, there are a select few that have actually caught my attention as some of the most incredible presences to ever grace the screen. Paramount in most minds is the unfailing sexiness of Selma Hayek. She is, no doubt, one of the most unrelenting forces in Hollywood as far as sex appeal, grace, and fire; however, another woman has taken her spotlight in my eyes and has managed to create some of the most incredible art in the town of Tinsel and Tine.

Uncompromising Beauty

Mrs. Penélope Cruz can do no wrong in my eyes. She may not be the most “traditionally beautiful”; however, her sexuality has a spice and reach that even the lovely Hayek can’t reach. blow There’s something mature, intellectual, and pronounced about the way that Cruz carries herself that sends shockwaves through my system.


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