Gitana Hermosa: The Beauty of Concha Buika

With every beat of my heart, I’m in love with this woman. There’s something so complex, so essential to life about her voice. She’s a delicious reincarnation of Nina Simone and she smoulders like nothing I’ve ever heard. I wish that I could put into better words the power of this woman’s voice, but there’s no getting around it…I’m in love.

Los ojos de una diosa.

Concha Buika is the epitome of class, style, grace, and unwavering strength. She has the confidence to say what she wants however she wants, yet one never finds herself offended or taken aback. She’s simply a class apart from almost any singer I’ve heard in the past decade. From the island of Mallorca, Spain and born to Guinean parents,

Buika attributes her boldness to her experience travelling with Gypsies as a child. She was most certainly a product of pain and elegance that personifies the charged energy of those nomadic pixies that we know as the Gypsies.


3 thoughts on “Gitana Hermosa: The Beauty of Concha Buika

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