It’s the Lyricist Lounge Show!

If there were any further indication that the days of the 90s are long gone, it’s the disappearance of this show from MTV’s roster. There are times I honestly feel for this generation; I truly do. It’s a shame to be so left in the dark, so utterly without any real sense of culture or elevation. However, since the advent of YouTube, it’s become much easier for the proverbial “new kids on the block” to sample some of the fine lyrical cuisine that we 80s babies had been accustomed to for over a decade.

The Lyricist Lounge Show was one of the most profound additions to the MTV line-up. It was the first show that I can remember that married sketch comedy and hip-hop and gave birth to something quite astounding. Created by the founders of New York’s Lyricist Lounge (Danny Castro and Anthony Marshall), the show of the same name allowed audiences the opportunity to see some of hip-hop’s elite rhyme and wreck havoc in a series of strange circumstances and slapstick humour.

The Lyricist Lounge in and of itself showcased the burgeoning talents of some of the most successful and enigmatic hip-hop artists of our time, including Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem. From its humble origins in Castro and Marshall’s apartment, to selling out national tours, the Lyricist Lounge became a phenomenon of proportions large enough to fill Manhattan.