Visual Poetics: The Work of Tarsem Singh

There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not looking for inspiration. Sometimes, it’s harder to find than others. There are moments when I have to keep myself awake just to make sure I don’t miss out on something truly magical. In dreams we find out who we are at our most honest, our most truly poetic. It’s this indication of our humanity that paints the pictures that we then create and pattern our daily lives after. These small moments of poetry have given birth to some of the most exquisite dances ever put on screen.

Enter Tarsem Singh.


4 thoughts on “Visual Poetics: The Work of Tarsem Singh

  1. Amy

    I gotta admit. I love his visuals… but The Cell is one of the only few films I’ve fallen asleep at. The other one is Meet Joe Black. LOL

    1. Yvning Post author

      HaHA. Really?! I absolutely adored that film. It’s truly one of my favourites. I never saw Meet Joe Black (gasp, I know), so I really can’t comment much on it. But The Cell was just SO MUCH for me. Just too gorgeous for me to take my eyes from. And the story was twisted enough for me to go completely nuts over it.

      1. Amy

        On my defense… I was like… 14 or 15 when I watched both of them. I’ve watched Meet Joe Black a few couple of times more because, GUH! Brad Pitt and peanut butter! – but I always end up falling asleep on the same part. That’s my movie-chemistry with Joe Black.

        I haven’t given The Cell another watch, though… even if I had watched other of his work. He’s always hit or miss for me.

      2. Yvning Post author

        That’s real. I think a lot of people feel the same way about Tarsem. But, you know, The Cell’s not for everybody… HaHa. That makes sense. 🙂

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