Boy Lilikoi: Jónsi

For those of you who read this blog, you’re already fully aware that one of my favourite artists is Björk. Her sound is hyper-morphic and does things to the listener that is borderline self-indulgent, but completely native and fearless. She embodies the spirit, passion, and raw earnestness found in the type of poetry that I love. In that same vein, I found Jónsi — you might call him Venus as a boy.

From the same tundra and propane as his musical twin sister, Björk, Jónsi’s sound is frosty, crystalline. It’s got the power of an ice god with the innocence of a pixie — all the qualities that make Björk such a fascinating musical specimen. As the voice and guitar behind the ethereal Sigur Rós, he managed to electrify the atmosphere and give the space he inhabited purpose.


3 thoughts on “Boy Lilikoi: Jónsi

  1. Reese Smith

    i hope others read this and check out Bjork, Jonsi, and Sigur Ros… GREAT MUSIC and they’re missing out! thanks for sharing.

    1. Yvning Post author

      Agreed. There’s some magical music in this world. If I can influence people to listen to just a bit of it, I’ll be happy.

      Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger 🙂


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