The Street of Crocodiles

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the poetry gets lost in the muddled nature of a film and sort of leaves the viewer wondering what the hell just happened. If she ends up stomaching the entire film, however, then there must be something that kept her attention enough to make her stay in her seat. In most cases, I’ve found, that’s probably attributed to the stellar artistry of the visuals. If The Cell is anything to go by, then one must also consider The Street of Crocodiles.

Easily one of the most bizarre short films ever produced in the 80s (and that’s sayin’ something considering, you know, it was the 80s). Created by the infamous Brothers Quay (twins Stephen and Timothy), Crocodiles explores the existential crisis that many of us go through — wandering the streets in search of purpose, when in all actuality life is just a long, winding street of craziness and uncertainties that more often than not lead to absolutely nothing. There’s no dialogue in the film (which, in all honesty, would’ve just made the work pointless) and the sound canvass is sparse. What sounds there are in this film are meticulous and cold to the touch.


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