Beyond Lovely: The Lovely Bones

~I was here for a moment and then I was gone.

It’s a rare occasion in which I can honestly say I’ve seen something that’s as profoundly poetic as it is universally beautiful. It’s even rarer to experience this feeling in film, where most things are categorised based on their box-office success. However, every once in a while I’m surprised and shocked at how simply gorgeous a film is — whether it be from the deft hand of the scribe or the keen and delicate eye of the photographer.

Lovely Bones has this sort of feel to it — unapologetically poetic while still maintaining a relatively mainstream air. Taking a page out of Dean Young’s handbook and creating imagery that’s in the same breath perplexing and fastidious, Lovely Bones explores the scope of death in a way that I’ve never actually seen in recent film. It was a deeper understanding of the afterlife and the interconnected pieces of life that keep the dead clinging ingloriously to the world they’ve just left.


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