Doing Ghetto Dances, Taking Crazy Chances…

From l to r: Alex, Ricky, Chance, and Noah

It’s not very often that I’ll find myself gushing over something that’s really abysmal, but I can’t help but love it anyway. Some might point to my adoration of the Spice Girls, in which case I’d say, “Fuck off! They’re one of the greatest girl groups of all time!” without batting an eyelash. But this particular “guilty pleasure” is a show that doesn’t exactly have any distinguishing merits except that it dared to expose the underground truth of Black queer life…whether that goal was accomplished with any kind of success is up for debate.

I’m talking, of course, about a little known two-season show on LOGO called Noah’s Arc. In it, we follow the lovesick, intrepid Noah on his quest for artistic freedom, sexual fulfilment, and everlasting romance. Along the way, we’re introduced to his close-knit circle of friends with their overtly cliché characteristics and flaws… so full of hubris Sophocles would have a heart attack.


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