The Weekend Players – Jericho

There’s something about being completely full up, completely entombed in the rock and sway of love, that breeds absolute desire in us. The Weekend Players have managed to bring to life the most earnest yearnings behind emotion in a way that’s both nuanced and incredibly timeless.

“Jericho” may very well be one of the most potent love songs to come out of the 21st century, wrought with a sound that’s as much need as it is affirmation of the shape and contour of love. On trembling lips, this song is a testament to love’s ache. Its lyrics are wrought with the kind of harmonic symphony that dips the music in such splendour and openness.

Lead singer Rachel Foster breathes into each note and gives life to the mystery of emotion. She heightens the sensation of being wrapped elegantly in clover – much like Etta James’s ode to being brand new and in the kind of love that awakens something primal in each and every one of us.


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