The Rising Gods of the East

In a deep sea of red and flashing lights, there emerges a five-man vocal group as powerful in name as in number. Their talent is mighty, their ambition great. They are Dong Bang Shin Ki, the Rising Gods of the East. And they have suddenly become my newest obsession.

It’s hard to really say what exactly drew me to this band of singers and dancers. Could it be their charisma? Hardly — they’re all dorks. Could it be their dancing? Well, it is quite impressive. I’ve always been a fan of music from different cultures, specifically pop and soul because the universe tends to expand when those two genres are in the hands of artists from different countries. However, dancing doesn’t necessarily make a group worth my attention. After all, after dancing ability fades and good looks turn to dust, all you have is your voice, right?

Then, that must be what captured me so about these five young men. Of course, voices come and go. I think what genuinely sparked my interest in this group is their bond and their unique ability to effortlessly blend together. Their harmonies intriguing, to the point of outdoing many vocal groups that the States have to offer. But, wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Introductions are in order… I give you the members of DBSK.


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