Blue Six – Very Good Friends

It would take the smooth ebb and flow of a house DJ to bring the beauty of true friendship to my heart. The truth is there isn’t much I can say that would do this song justice. It’s a proclamation of the trials and winding roads that lead friends and lovers to become closer than they thought humanly possible.

“Very Good Friends”, on Blue Six’s beautiful tomorrow album, is a song that is as much about the pain of complex relationships as it is about the joy of finding that through all the nonsense, all the heartache, there is one thing that remains – the love that made you so close to begin with.

The chorus is an echo that reverberates with vigour in the soul.

We’re very good friends today.
I let it go, you let it go.
We left it all behind us.
I can be a good friend to you.

Not only are we assailed by the passion inherent in being close to someone, we are given the chance to understand that no matter what differences and disagreements may separate us for a time, there are delicate moments in which we are so very enraptured with the presence of that other part of our soul that we’re unable to allow those sullen instances to linger for too long.


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