of Montreal – Spiteful Intervention

There are times I’m flipping through the channels (and this is, indeed, a rarity because I don’t watch much TV anymore) and I’m completely stopped in my tracks. of Montreal’s “Spiteful Intervention” is not only a trippy daze of craziness, it’s a tribal call to all those freaks and Dr. Frankensteins out there who fashion themselves creators of destruction and fear.

All that to say, this is one fucking scary video. Equal parts Odd Nerdrum and Silent Hill (but, in fact, it’s director and conceptual artist Jesse Ewles), this video preys on the senses, melting them into a puddle of freak and fantasy. The song itself is a screeching, wailing banshee of a tune that gets under the skin like cragged fingernails scratching an insufferable itch. The video just adds to the flesh-crawling sting of the experience.

It’s a sensory overload, a testament to the fearless creativity of music. There’s not very much I can say that would even come close to expressing my love and absolute fear of this video. of Montreal is a band of unwavering charisma and unapologetic emotion. This video will be plastered into my psyche until the worms that chew through my body manage to suck the brine from my cerebral cortex.


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