Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

By now it’s no secret I consider Jamiroquai my favourite band of all time. The music that mercurial front man Jay Kay manages to create and the ease with which the band takes in his vision is almost unparalleled, at least as far as modern funk bands are concerned. Their ode to the destruction of humanity depending on the sterility of technological advances is a shocking revelation of the group’s inherent understanding of the earth and how humans actually depend on it.

The video is a testament to the creativity rampant in the 90s. While very stylized, it was incredibly clean, sharp, the idea focused where many MVs from artists of the 90s could and would include anything that captured their imagination. “Virtual Insanity” was one of those videos that changed the scope of MVs, focusing more on message and metaphor instead of simply putting together random, albeit creative, elements. Jay’s cosmic movement meshed ingeniously with the band’s musical precision and indomitable groove. It’s methodical, clinical, a perfect opposing trope for the overarching message of the song.

Jonathan Glazer took his penchant for the eerily meticulous and created a video as enigmatic as the band itself.


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