Björk – Human Behaviour

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that Björk totally redefined music video. She took it from advertising for an album and made it its own spectacular genre, full of metaphor, depth, and thematic elements that, at times, made her videos a little too explicit for the watching audience.

“Human Behaviour”, Björk’s first of many collaborations with visual mastermind Michel Gondry, highlights the distorted daydream that runs through her head. It’s at once a fanciful world full of fuzzy animals and bright colours and a maelstrom of darkness, waiting to overflow from her very spirit and infect all who watch her move.

Her curious aura and  infectious fearlessness burst much in the same way a moth does when coaxed by the electric elixir of a bug zapper – the blue light an evil seduction that waits for its prey and then detonates the body into a millisecond of intense light. That’s how I see Björk. As silly as it sounds, she is that frightening, sickening, beautiful moment indicative of a compact explosion. With Gondry’s direction we got to see exactly how Björk managed to stretch that millisecond into two decades of brilliance.


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