Sex and Candy – Marcy Playground

Way to get right to the point. Marcy Playground was part of that 90s contingent of bands that shaped the decade musically into the Starburst and pomp that it was. Everything was “pop” because everything was popular. Even songs that seemingly held no relative meaning were thought to be nothing short of sheer brilliance.

“Sex and Candy” is no exception. A song talking about the hypnotic moment when something lovely and delicious slithers into your eyesight, it introduced some incredible lyrics, both evocative and downright ridiculous. Because ’til this day people STILL have no idea what exactly “Disco Lemonade” is, but it sounds absolutely delectable.

The video is a hodge-podge of imagery and muted colours, much like the song itself. It’s understated in its wildness, sporting everything from a creeping tarantula — symbolising, no doubt, the sensuality and danger in finding a new female to pursue — to lead singer and guitarist John Wozniak being left in a green-oozing puddle — no doubt a piss-take on the proverbial wet dream.

Even with my absolute abhorrence of spiders, this video is absolutely stunning. I’d be really hard-pressed to find a video from the mid-90s that wasn’t, at least in some small part, completely fascinating. The title alone made me fall in love with the song. The director’s vision, as blurry as it may have been to everyone else, was as smart as it was superior in execution.

*sigh* Another reason why I long for at least some of the grandeur of the 90s to return. Anyone working on a wormhole I can borrow?


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