Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

In truth, there’s not much that can be said about this song or its video. Tom Tom Club will forever have a deep spot in my heart for giving my childhood some depth. Say what you will, it’s one of those videos you see as a child and think, “Is this the world?! When do I get to grow up?”

Truly, I don’t have many words. The band remains one of the most original on the face of the planet. Their sound is unmistakable and completely incomparable. Never mind the vision, you can’t deny the gutsiness of the groove, the honesty of the creativity.

Take that sound and the fire and that brilliance and you get something like “Genius of Love”, an ode to the, apparently, the world’s most incredible lover. The title in and of itself warrants consideration. “Genius” – a word that denotes a measurement of one’s intellect. “Love” – a word that carries the weight of absolute emotion, devoid of logic, reason, or any such concrete machinations of intellect. Certainly the video paints a more than vivid picture of the stark dichotomy.

Enough words. Let’s get on with the music!


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