Jamiroquai – Manifest Destiny

In the early days of Jamiroquai, there was an inexplicable consciousness that took them from simply a band with a mellow groove to a band that understood the intricacies and fallacies of human nature. Their sophomore effort Return of the Space Cowboy marked another push to create a sound as funky as it was sublime and intelligent.

Though never released as a single, one of their most incredible songs was an ode of sorts to the indigenous people who were constantly disenfranchised and sold off to “satisfy the souls of chosen men.” It’s a song that tells a story as much as it begs for forgiveness.

The lyrical content is insightful, intellectual, and heartbreaking – as much as something meant to be purely cerebral can be emotional. Jay Kay’s composition is what elevates the words to something more than just a history lesson, but more on that later.


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