Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

I can’t readily imagine what my world must have been like before the Spice Girls. I remember exactly where I was the very first time I heard “Wannabe”, in fact. However, the video that was the most beautiful and most meaningful to me was “2 Become 1.” Spice may have been one of the brashest and most ridiculous debut albums of the 90s; however, it also spawned some truly gorgeous work.

“2 Become 1” may very well be my favourite Spice Girls video, the song is mellow and full of so much grand ideas of love and romance that I was instantly enchanted. 16 years later and it still remains one of my favourite pop songs of all time. The sheer brilliance of cinematographer Stephen Keith-Roach (who worked on another of my favourite MVs, Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” [1]) is very apparent in the soft detail of each frame. The video still stands as a piece of sheer beauty.


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