Sunny Hill (써니힐) – Pray (기도)

Thanks to my dear friend Amy over at YAM Magazine, I got a chance to see this piece of beauty firsthand last year [1] “Pray (기도)” is easily one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve ever seen.

It tells a sordid tale of what can only be described as a monster. This poor creature is experimented upon until he realises that he has a chance at freedom, at a life beyond the grimy walls of his prison. The beginning sequence alone was enough to have a tear trapped delicately on the brink of my heart. The director is sort of up for debate (though it’s been said that it’s Hwang Soo Ah, who has exclusive directorial control over most MVs from LOEN Entertainment, SunnyHill’s management); however, whoever it is, they certainly wanted to make a statement. With the video being banned from two major television companies in South Korea, I’d say that point was made.


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