JYJ – In Heaven

I wanted to take the time to introduce a truly exceptional pop video. From their second album as a trio, the titular song was penned by none other than the overtly emotional Kim Jaejoong. It’s a memorial, of sorts, to a dear friend of his who committed suicide. The words alone speak to the anger, confusion, and overwhelming sadness a person goes through when someone close to their heart finds that the wounds were too deep to even talk to a friend.

The video is also quite sad in the grander scope of the lyrical content. Kim Junsu is our protagonist. He’s in the middle of what seems to be a very important meeting with some very important people when his girlfriend rings his mobile. She’s been feeling neglected, a distant second to her lover’s job. She steps into oncoming traffic, and this is where we discover the power of one last chance. Indeed, the power of Jaejoong’s lyrics.

As it’s always hard to find information about MV directors when it comes to Kpop videos, it’s no real surprise that I don’t know who directed this one; however, I give a standing ovation to both Jaejoong and the MV’s director for their depth and emotional candour.


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