Goapele – Butterflykisses

As I mentioned when taking a deeper look into Panic! At The Disco’s “9 in the Afternoon” [1], there are some songs that require no explication. Sometimes a sound is just so purely beautiful all it needs is a little appreciation.

One such track was penned and sung by a woman whose voice is as smooth as the early evening’s slip into twilight, yet has the depth of an ocean full of whispered drops of erotica. “Butterflykisses” comes from Goapele’s second album Even Closer. Though this isn’t the song most remember from that album (most flocking to radio hit “Closer”), it’s the song that cemented itself in my psyche the moment it swam through my ears.

The song speaks of a love unfettered by niceties, no frills. A song about a woman who wants to give her lover all the pleasures her love and femininity can offer him. It’s a simple song, a syrupy love list, if you will. It entreats the lover to accept our singer for everything that she is, as long as he remains the same, never wavering, never posturing himself for the sake of appearing to be something he’s not. And here I am, saying this song needs no further insight, and that’s all I want to do, dissect and explore.

However, the song is straightforward. There’s no hidden meanings, no beating around the bush, much in the same way as Goapele’s vocal extension of herself. Someone she’d call her lover comes to her in dreams, a foreshadowing to something beautiful. But she refuses to strip away who she is for the sake of getting something destiny has whispered already belongs to her: “I wanna wear what I wanna wear, and say what’s on my mind.”


3 thoughts on “Goapele – Butterflykisses

  1. Johanna

    Thank you kindly for this review! Have you been to a Goapele performance? Let us know if you would like to see her live at a future performance.

    1. Cy White Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed my take on this song. It’s truly one of the most gorgeous compositions I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the good fortune of seeing Goapele live. I’d adore a chance to see her if given the opportunity.

      Again, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Be well 🙂

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