Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE

This will be my attempt to write a short post. However, knowing me, my heart simply won’t allow me to push it aside. Okay….

There aren’t many times in my life when I can say I’ve been completely inspired and whisked away in a tinted reverie. Frank Ocean has made me start to look for a superhero in music again. There are a few artists who have and always will bring me enlightenment, give me a higher sense of the beauty that is in this world; however, if I’m being completely honest, those artists don’t get the appreciation they deserve. I’ve managed to blame this on the stagnation of musical interest, the lack of any desire for something truly beautiful and exceptional the mainstream masses have managed to harbour within their hearts.

Lo and behold, Frank Ocean comes along, wrapping his poetry deceptively in a language as natural and familiar to people as the course tongue of someone who doesn’t understand the intricacies in written verse. channel ORANGE became something of a beacon of elegance to me. Admittedly I first heard about Frank Ocean in the whole explosion about his sexuality. With that alone, I was sceptical about giving this young man a shot. If you know anything about me, you know it’s not because of his sexuality. Rather, my apprehension came out of the idea that everybody has an angle, everybody has a way to make themselves better known, more popular, promote themselves to the highest bidder.

But then I began to hear a completely different sort of news — his album is completely off-centre. It’s something so new to the scene that people were just besides themselves with anticipation of its release. Well, a few weeks after the album dropped, I decided I needed to just go ahead and give this man the respect he deserves and listen to him because every single artist deserves a listen, barring all noise and fanfare about anything other than the music. What I heard completely changed everything I know about what I’d understood to be “mainstream.”


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