Björk – Bachelorette

Björk is most certainly a mistress of elegant storytelling, a talent most disregard in lieu of praising her unparalleled sense of style and, of course, vocal technique. However, “Bachelorette” is a testament to her ability to mold stories and characters to express the facets of her personality.

The song is really the first in a chronicle of three songs spanning three albums. From Post, this song takes us through the journey of Isobel, an alternate peek into the mind of our songstress, a pisstake of the extroverted, mercurial singer. Isobel walks away from the safety of her forest, seduced by the bigness of the world of planes and skyscrapers. However, she finds the overwhelming brightness of this new world is more than her love of nature’s simplicity can compensate for.

Longtime artistic collaborator Michel Gondry paints tapestries atop Björk’s kaleidoscopic imagination and tells a story that both intrigues and educates, peeling layers off of our singer’s complex personality and introducing her most innocent side.


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