Van Hunt – Down Here In Hell (2009)

There are moments when words are just meaningless. Indeed, watching this video of a performance of Van Hunt in Santa Monica, CA had my heart on high alert, my emotions bruised in a pale blue reserved for the caress of a lover. There’s a moment that all of us have had: right before a tear falls, before you even realize you’ve been overcome with emotion, the throat tightens in an attempt to keep the heart from escaping. Every single time I watch this performance — in fact, have it in the background on a stormy Saturday morning — I get this feeling like I’m being both lifted and lain down — both acts delicate, yet both giving my body and soul the kind of attention and care that a butterfly gives when she caresses a sunflower in search of its sweet nectar.

My compliments to the audience member who took this video. He or she obviously has a deft eye for the spectacular. I also give great respect to the audience, who swayed and bent around the music as if a part of the song itself, becoming an integral reason for this performance being one of the most powerful I’ve seen in such a long time (and illiciting Van Hunt’s reaction at the end).


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