Concha Buika – Niña de Fuego Concierto Presentación (2008)

If you’ve seen my ramblings from the beginning you’ll know my heart and soul forever goes to the glory that is Concha Buika [1]. She is everything pure and beautiful in this world. One of the first performances I came across in my obsessive search for her perfection was a performance of one of her most beautifully tragic songs, “Miénteme Bien.” It’s a song that speaks of the heartache of knowing your lover is deceiving you, Buika entreating, “Si me mientes, miénteme bien (If you lie to me, lie to me well).” It’s a stunning reproach to a lover unable to keep his lies in proper order.

This performance of the piece, at the Lope de Vega de Madrid theatre in Madrid, Spain, is a testament to the power of Buika’s conviction. She sings every note as if she’s living and breathing in the moment of deception, the heartbreaking realization that she’s being tricked into loving someone who can’t seem to love her enough to be honest with her.

While the entire concert is a study in power and emotional openness, “Miénteme Bien” took my very breath away, making it hard to recall the last time I’d truly been splayed open and left raw emotionally. She will forever remain one of the most important artists I’ve ever come across, and this performance solidified that fact in my heart and my mind.


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