SingerSen (歌者森) – Drunk (醉)

It seems as of late I’ve been focusing on music that leaves me speechless. Much of that music, of course, comes from Asia. And, of course, it was through the vast musical knowledge of my dear Amy [1] that I came to know this artist. I take a trip to Mainland China, this time to explore the wonder and mystic grandeur that is SingerSen. Her voice is a warrior cry, a triumph of vocalisation the likes of which I really had only experienced from one of my vocal heroes, Björk. However, what SingerSen does vocally is something that puts me in a state of absolute petrification.

From her début album Sirens comes this single. “Drunk” is a song that no doubt aided in giving the album its namesake: all sirens and wild discord. As I’m not at all familiar with Mandarin, this is another song that washes over me and wraps me up in its wicked splendour. I can’t help but marvel at the freedom in her voice, the unbridled passion that warps the air around her and creates something new. Indeed, it’s not oxygen she’s expelling, it’s the purple-tinted wind whistling through the crooked branches of a tree, a spectre’s curiosity dancing through crinkled stubbles of grass.

The first thing anyone notices about the diminutive singer is the absolute largeness of her talent. It’s no wonder I was so utterly spellbound by it. “Drunk” is the perfect tune to elevate the consciousness to a new level of understanding. It’s a song that explores moments of silence, attempting to find the inconsolable loudness there. I think what’s so stunning about the song, though, isn’t just the vocals. I mean, there are perhaps thousands of vocalists who have the charm and the range of SingerSen or her prolific predecessor Björk. However, what these two vocalists have that separates them from others is the utter fearlessness to find out exactly where their voices will go.


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