Collective Soul – The World I Know

I don’t know what actually made me think about this video, but one day I was just going about my day, having your average existential “what’s the world all about” crisis. Suddenly, I found myself hearing the haunting bode instruments of Collective Soul and just HAD to watch this video again.

The 90s. I will never be able to get over the depth of the music of that decade. Even more profound was the use of imagery. I suppose because 1981 was technically the birth of music video, the desire to expand and elevate the medium was bustling with potential in the 90s. Thus we have videos such as that for Collective Soul’s “The World I Know.” The lyrics themselves speak to a desperation, a need to understand the world around you and find something beautiful in a place that’s so full of ugliness. The main character goes through his day, the mundane nature of it driving him insane, until he feels he has no choice but to just end it all. He literally steps on a ledge and looks down at the world below him: a festering pool of nobodies hopelessly aiming about in thier own imperfection and filthy desire to follow the pack. Then, a dove, a pure piece of nature’s innocence, perches on his hand without provocation. He finally sees that, yes, the world is full of mindless lemmings willing to amble along in their blindness. But the world also holds something beautiful and pure in its grasp, something worth living for.

This is truly one of the most touching videos borne from the rich creativity of the 90s.


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