Miguel – South Park Sessions (2012)

I genuinely LOATHE being late to anything: appointments, interviews, anything. That goes double for discovering a brilliant artist. Yet here we are, a year after he brought is brand of brilliance to the scene I’m strolling in like he’s the newest thing on the horizon. Truth be told, he hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves as a musician; however, I intend to remedy that (and my annoying tardiness) with this post.

Miguel is truly a piece of starlight in the dimness that is the music industry. His song “Adorn” is more than just a tribute to the sultry greatness of a Marvin Gaye, it’s also a perfect love song, plain and simple. What makes it so beautiful is the true yearning and complete abandon with which the man sings the song, letting go of any predilections for fear and embarrassment and just allowing the fullness of his love for someone bring his voice to a full rapture indicative of those tormented by the power of their own love. In his South Park Session, it’s just him, a microphone and his guitarist amid the traffic of unaware passersby. However simplistic the performance space, the power behind the vocals is not lost, nor does it waver. His performance of “Adorn” is so incredibly gorgeous that it’s a wonder no one stopped to simply stare at the man in all his vocal excellence.

Truly an artist that adds to my small list of those bringing back the grand scope of musicality and giving it back its purity.


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