Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes

Honestly, there aren’t any words that would touch the elegance of this song. Even if I were to try to sum up the video and the song, I’d be remiss in my capabilities as a writer. Janet’s innate sensuality and her unerring grace give her the power to mesmerise and entice. She doesn’t attempt to be anything more than beautifully human, unafraid of her body and what it can do to bring rapture and complete physical elation to anyone who deigns to drink in her presence. From my second favourite album from the pop queen comes “That’s the Way Love Goes”, a song that’s equal parts poetry and lovemaking. Some would argue, myself included, that the two are one in the same; however, Ms. Jackson puts the comparison in stark reality, allowing her sensual coo to paint pictures as visceral as a bead of sweat on skin, the scent of lavender in one’s hair.

The video shows Janet in a very natural pose — with friends, listening to music, goofing around. Then the groove-stricken bass of the track gives way to an explosion of need and touch. The song itself gives me chills, creating tremors in my skin as if being touched by the feathery kiss of rose petals. What the song doesn’t manage to do, the MV more than makes up for. It’s sexy, playful, silly, lovely and completely devoid of anything superficial. Truly one of the most beautiful videos of the early 90s.


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