BIGBANG ( 빅뱅) – Love Song

In the wake of the insanity that was BIGBANG’s performance at this year’s MAMA Awards in Hong Kong [1][2], I think it’s only fitting that I present this music video. I know very little about the group itself, but the few songs I have heard have impressed me with their more angular approach to music… as opposed to the more commonly used sugar of their idol counterparts. Indeed, BIGBANG is a group with commendable talent; however, their decidedly more artistic approach to music video composition is something to commend.

Even though most of their MVs seem to draw from a more esoteric understanding of visual appeal, the video for “Love Song” was so gorgeous I couldn’t find its equivalent in anything else I’ve seen of the genre. Indeed, the black and white concept excited the photography snob in me, but it was more than the lack of colour. The very concept itself — a group of men lamenting the struggle and ugliness of love find themselves in a disposal of sorts, where those things that have lost their use or have been abandoned end up crashing to the earth around them — is interesting, if not completely unique. Director Han Samin really stretched the audience’s suspension of reality and gave us a photographically stunning piece of visual poetry.


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