10cm – Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark (오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요)

I’m yet again stricken with the power of communication. If it weren’t for my friend Julyssa over at YAM [1], I don’t think I’d have know much if anything about most of the music I discovered in the last few years. Truly, the music coming out of South Korea is shocking. Some of it is your average bubblegum fluff pop. Some is exceptional pop that is intricate, precise and full of an overabundance of talent. And still some is subtle, reflective and pure music that speaks to the heart in its honesty.

Such is the case with group 10cm. Their song “Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark” is truly a lovely piece of music. It’s not overexaggerated, it doesn’t ask to be more than it is. You simply take in the sound and fall in love with it. The MV, however, is a simple piece of cleverness that isn’t often seen. The band is performing in an art gallery… or so it seems until you take in the nature of the love story that unfolds. It’s pure affection, love that’s unfettered by even the restraints of the frames holding the photographs. With the production team of PRODUCTION GOGIJUICE, the group managed to create a truly lovely piece of pop music that was equal parts simplicity, honesty and true love.


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