DBSK (동방신기) – BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (2003)


It can’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone that my favourite performance for Christmas Eve is DBSK’s performance of “O Holy Night.” It’s not so much that it’s the best performance therein, but it’s rather shocking to hear it come from the mouths of teenagers who didn’t quite know what they were about to do to the world of pop music.

And, of course, this was their introduction to the world. Indeed, their first performance was also one of the gutsiest. I don’t care what anyone may say, one doesn’t simple sing “O Holy Night” without knowing what they’re getting themselves into. It’s a difficult song for anyone to sing, and singing it in a group… let’s just say it doesn’t always come out as the original lyricist or composer would’ve intended. You’ve got to have an exceptional ear at the best of times to sing the song, but to sing it a cappella…? You’ve got to have the brassiest pair in the world.

There have been a few groups who’ve managed to give the song height and meaning. DBSK just so happens to be one of them. This is when people noticed there was something a bit more in this group than simply a bunch of good-looking teenagers with decent voices. After all, the pop market had been saturated with groups of the same ilk, making the pop scene a relatively boring place to be. However, with this introductory performance, the group seemed to peel away the visage of “teen idol” almost instantly. Not many, if any (to my knowledge), groups dared to do anything a cappella, especially considering the control and precise ear it takes to do just that. But these boys seemed to be made of sterner stuff.

As one of my favourite songs of all time (a bit strange, I know), I was exceptionally hesitant to even give this group a chance. But once that first cooing harmony came out clear and without hesitation, I was sold. Thus, this is probably one of my favourite performances from the group, because it just showed the world that despite their newness and seemingly clichéd makeup, the group brought something profound to the table: their voices.


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