Concha Buika – Mi Niña Lola

As probably one of my favourite vocalists of all time, Concha Buika is without a doubt a legendary presence. Her voice sends chills throughout every part of my body, but it’s not just her vocal mastery that impresses me. It’s her raw honesty, her openness, uncorrupted by the whims of the music business.

Her performance of “Mi Niña Lola” is no exception. I’m not quite sure where this performance was held, but it’s definitely indicative of her style of performing. She gives her entire soul to her audience, allowing each member to take a piece of her and wrap it around themselves. She opens her heart and her voice to the people around her and let’s them feel exactly what it is that shapes who she is as a human being. Her raw power and unapologetic brazenness is one of the many reasons why she will always be one of the most incredible musicians it’s ever been my good fortune to know.


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