Robyn – Handle Me

Okay… so I’ve been in love with Robyn since 1997 — oh yeah, I was there for her introduction to the world. So when I first heard this song I pretty much thought there wasn’t anything more apt or powerful. Robyn’s always been an incredible singer, but her lyricism and musicality is absolutely surprising. Her self-titled Robyn is one of those albums that completely encapsulates the artist, ensuring that the world knows exactly where she’s coming from. Indeed, the entire piece was wrought with songs that were blunt, cocky and gave the entire world an unequivocal look into the passion and personality of the effervescent artiste.

“Handle Me” is pretty much as bad ass as any song that I’ve ever heard. As my first favourite MV of 2013, I consider it an omen of grand things to come in my future. I’m going to put it out there, that I’m a force to be reckoned with. Let’s see if I can pull it off, live up to the brash and unapologetic craziness of this video. It’s definitely an MV that plays with the senses, shocking the system with its play and whimsy. When coupled with the lyrics, you get a peek at Robyn’s sense of play and visual contradiction. As the director for the second version of the video (and officially the one I chose) Johan Renck pushed the visual landscape and gave us all something to admire in the glory that is Robyn’s body of work and sense of imagination.


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