Recycled Disregarded

Everything you say makes me feel like a whisper has gifted me the comfort of its sigh. You are forever my lovely lover ~ Camiele



This stuff is from my backup blog from a month + back.


Punch a Thunderstorm Today

Posted on December 3, 2012


here’s some free-thought free-verse (that means i’m just writing without really thinking and it’s spontaneously created)

Some body that I used to know, there was skin, of course, and perhaps a tattoo or oo. Sure, the face can be remembered easily enough, but the hair. wow. I can only conceive the hair as if viewed while underwater. Slow-motion-flow, yeah, I’m sure you know. We’ve all been there; the smile, the eyes, the back of the head…I mean the hair.

And then somebody dares to request a check when you just sit down. Not even at a restaurant, not even eating. “There’s blood to be spilled if you go through that door,” a voice or oo tells you and the horse you rode in on. Sleigh bells…

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