Kimbra – Come Into My Head

Credit to Sirens of Song

These past two days have been emotionally charged for me. Not because something particularly terrible or wonderful has happened to me. Well, that’s not completely true. Something wonderful did happen to me. I finally listened to this young lady’s debut album after teasing myself with two of her songs, and my senses were suddenly bombarded wiht unrecognisable emotions.

Indeed, it was Kimbra’s debut Vows that had me suddenly awash in a torrential flood of feelings I couldn’t quite describe. But it was by chance that I even came to know this woman and her unconscionable vocal power. I don’t really watch a lot of television, but taking a break from the computer I found myself searching my usual cable haunts: Tennis Channel and Boomerang (yeah… I’m old, what can I say?). When neither a match nor a show I was particularly interested in presented itself, I started scrolling through some precautionary favourites, one of which is the MTVu Channel. I caught a glimpse of the video in the small picture-in-picture feature and thought to myself, “What the hell is THIS?!” The video was dark humour at its finest, smart, edgy. Then… that VOICE! As soon as the song was over I had to go back to my computer and find out where the hell a voice like that actually comes from. Apparently, New Zealand. Seems the country is doing big things bigger than anyone else, because I swear on everything I own this girl’s voice is a piece of grandness I’d not heard in someone her age before.

Then we get to the video itself. This pixie of a female with ruby red lips and a penchant for emotional largeness takes over a mental hospital and gives the doctor and his orderlies something to gawk at. Director Guy Franklin captures the quirk and queer of this Kiwi princess. Am I ever glad there was nothing to watch on telly that evening.


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