Flipping Channels

You always did know what channels I keep going back to.

Where the Mind Roams

Channel 50
Sensation . . .
I feel your lips trickle over my body like you’re pouring a spring.
Danger . . .
Presents its well-worn path but I’ll continue to tread.
Green apple stained lips touchin’ on those pink;
I yearn for the very thing I can’t reach.

Channel 6
I try not to pay doubters with the dimes for my thoughts,
So I choose loan the worrisome money to you.
Perhaps you can pay for a trip around the little world
Or explore my mind’s amusement park
(A tired worker will help if you get lost).
I’m here to impress without bribing myself off.

Channel 13
Do you like what you hear
‘Cause it’s the sound of the legs of my mind running round ‘n’ round?
Come and take a walk with me, darling.
You might hear thoughts of you echoing from the atoms of the air.


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