About Me

Who IS that Girl?!

So I know this is probably a bit late, but I figured I aught to introduce myself. I’ll start with the boring stuff… then we can explore the strangeness therein 🙂

Firstly, I suppose it’s worth mentioning that my real name is Camiele.

I’m from somewhere in the universe (perhaps if we get to know each other a little better, I’ll tell you where) and I live somewhere else now. I’ve been educated, and have the degree to prove it –a BA in English Writing, as it were. So, that’s where all the long windedness comes from (forgive me, I’m trying to work on that). I went to the University of Pittsburgh and found that the only professors that meant anything to me were in the English department –and this was before I actually even majored in English. Before English, I was pretending to be a Bio major –you can imagine that didn’t work out too well.

One threat of academic suspension and a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt later, I came out on the other side actually doing work in my field. Go Figure. And, now, you have to suffer through my four and a half years of education. You have my condolences.

I’m always looking for work, so I try not to have any dry spells. Right now, I’m doing a yacht-load of freelance work (I suppose the more legitimate term is “professional writing”) and editing. My one stable flow of income comes from an ad I found on CraigsList. This is where I work (kinda) and the guy I work for is actually pretty amazing. I certainly can’t complain.

(Edit: The company is now defunct and I spend most of my time writing at YAM Magazine)

Well, that’s all the regular stuff. Stay around long enough and you’ll find out all the weirdness.


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